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Karen Mantoith


I just learned of Mr. Wylie' s passing - my condolences to his loved ones. I always enjoyed his class (class of '82), and I even implemented his famous "The chair is now open for any questions, comments, thoughts, reflections, attitudes, and/or opinions" in my own classroom. He was a great man and is deadly missed!
Monday, March 05, 2018


Max Hunter


Mr. Wylie was a true gentlemen. I remember how he used to carry Mrs. Wylie's things to her upstairs classroom every morning. How he would always hold the door open for her and give her a kiss before he left her classroom....everyday. Mr. Wylie was a superior teacher and a great announcer for Kilgore Bulldog football games. Although I have not seen Mr. Wylie in 30 years, I want his family to know what an impression he made on me. May he rest in peace.
Thursday, November 09, 2017


Cheryl Runnels Halla

Fort WorthTX

I had the honor of knowing the Wylie family all of my life: John, Helen, Tom, Bill, Linda, and David. What a loving family whom I shared so many memories at their home and First Presbyterian Church. Bill was kind, soft hearted, intelligent, interesting, and honorable. He and and his family who preceded him in death will always be remembered lovingly in my heart.
Saturday, November 04, 2017


Cheryl Halla

Ft: WorthTX

I grew up in with the Wylie’s. A lovely family, Helen, John, and their children Tom, Bill, Linda, and David. A well respected family in our community that I loved sharing my relationship with God at First Presbyterian Church. Bill was especially an interesting and intelligent man whom I always enjoyed. He was kind and gentle and lived his life honorably. He and history family members who preceded him in death will always be remembered fondly in my heart.

Saturday, November 04, 2017


Nicole Brady Thompson


Anyone thinks of KHS, you think of Mr.Wylie..Not only a great teacher, a good man. Heartfelt condolences to the Wylie Family.
Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Jackie Teetor Green


Bill was a good friend to all of his 1963 classmates. He was so good looking ,a great athletic, smart and had high ideas and values as a person. I especially remember him through our church activities . Sunday nights he led a meaningful study when it came his turn We all had such fun at church camp in Gilmer .A group of us went one cold day to Longview to ice skate ( so fun).Bill was one of the leaders in our class of 63 .We all looked up to him and the girls all wanted to date him. We will miss Bill. Sincerely , Jackie Teetor Green

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Tommy Howard


I had no idea Mr. Wylie had passed away. He was one of my favorite teachers. He taught me to think critically.

"Make an assertion, defend your assertion, and destroy all counterarguments."
"Any questions, reactions, thoughts, and/or opinions?"

One day in class he accidentally called me Mr. Hood instead of Mr. Howard, but instead of correcting himself he just continued to call me Mr. Hood. He called me Mr. Hood from 11th Grade US History, during my senior year on the ACADEC Team, and then again on graduation night after he called my real name, I walked across the stage and he said "Well done, Mr. Hood".

Thank you, Mr. Wylie, for challenging us to think.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Luis Venitucci


I had Sra. Wylie as my Spanish teacher, and knew Bill from his time as a substitute at KHS, and as an Austin College Grad. A good man and a great teacher. He will be missed by many, as is Sra. Wylie.
Saturday, October 28, 2017


Susan Cargil


One of the best teachers I had. RIP Mr Wylie
Friday, October 27, 2017


Rusty Fox


Mr. Wylie was one of a kind. He made learning fun.
We will all remember is conclusion to classes:
"Any questions, reactions, thoughts, reflections, attitude and/or opinions?"

Thursday, October 26, 2017


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